Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target

here are a few of his looks.dislike greatly. proportions are too shrunken. not a flattering look on the model, let alone an every woman. appears to be tailored incorrectly.

dislike. the only thing working for me are the shoes... are those in his target line, too?

simple cardigan, nothing special. the suit is fine. nothing moves me.

i do appreciate this dress. it is by far my favorite piece in this line. good mix of drapery and fit.

(found: fashionising.com)

overall, i'm left a tad unimpressed.
then again, who is he really aiming his line for?


  1. Of course, I like the idea of these Target diffusion lines, but they are all so watered-down, cheap material, and ill-fitting. It's like these designers don't even try and, yet, they still feel fine putting their names on it. I was stoked when I heard Anna Sui was doing one, but it's Gossip Girl-themed and lame. I guess "the people" don't deserve well-designed, affordable clothing.